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Hi! We are Freedom and Business, professional affiliate marketers and digital business consultants.

Our great passion is travel, personal development as well as constant learning of new things and skills. We love friends and family time, as well as meeting new people and cultures.

What really drives us is to help like-minded people to maximize their own potentials by showing and teaching them about the big opportunities that are in the digital world today.

Many people feel trapped in their current lifestyles and are trading their time in order to make a living. That was the only realistic way that we knew as well, before we educated ourselves on digital marketing and how to set up an online business.

Today we work as a Digital Business Consultants and help people start their online businesses. We also help those who already have their own businesses to improve digital marketing which leads and results in great success.


Our vision is to make as many people as possible realize the enormous power they have to design their own lifestyles and live a life they truly love. This includes growing as a person, not only growing bank acount. It also includes constantly learning new things and skills to share with others, as well as opening up the mind to the fantastic opportunities the new digital economy is offering.

The possibilities of working from anywhere in the world with *freedom of time and finances is hard for many people to imagine. We want people to have the courage to step out of their comfort zones and start to work toward their own dreams in life. If you don’t have any dream or vision yourself, you will probably end up working toward someone else’s.

The reason we are so passionate about all of this is becuase we didn't believed in online jobs, we thought evertything on the internet was too good to be true and we thought that giving up our time for money was the only way to earn an income. When we decided to make a change and listen to successful people who had achieved their goals, our life changed for the better, much better!

*DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary from person to person. No results can be guaranteed. Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page.

Our Values And Beliefs

"We truly believe there is a great value in being open minded, in all parts of life. So much in today’s world is controlled by prejudices, limiting beliefs and fear of things we don’t know or we don´t understand. Just because we or anyone else wants to believe in something doesn’t make it true. We always try to be as open minded as we can. Even though we honestly have to remind ourselves from time to time. A lot can be learned if we open up to other people’s perspectives of things. Even if they go directly against our own. No one knows the whole truth but by listening to many different perspectives and angles we can come much closer."


"Whatever you want to achieve in life you will only get there if you remain focused. Visualize where you want to be and keep that picture in your mind both through the bad and the good times. Being able to focus and concentrate on the things you want and need to succeed with is the key to success itself. Our ability to focus has helped us so much in life to get where we’ve wanted to go."


"We’ve always been very curious and wanting to understand how things work. This has been a great motivator for us and something we value highly. We think that being curious is very important for your personal development and growth."